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Ceremony Agenda (Gorlice May 16th, 2007)

     This webpage is an attempt- successful, hopefully- to make up for a certain lack of information about the Gorlice Region available within the Internet. We have many great websites about the Lower Beskid Mountains, cemeteries from World War I, and quite a lot of official and private websites of towns and villages in the region. Still, there is not much to be found about amazing buildings of our region.

     We are thinking about two churches: St Philip and Jacob Church in Sękowa, and St Michael Archangel Church in Binarowa. In 2003, both churches were added to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Can you imagine? That's the list which also includes the Egyptian pyramids and St Paul's Cathedral in Rome!

     Our site is the part of the project called "Heritage Alive!", which is now being carried out by the town of Gorlice, together with partners from Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Hungary and Italy. One of the main aims of the project is teaching others about UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, by the subproject called "Learning Quest". The project is carried out together with children and teenagers from schools from Binarowa and Sękowa.

     The project "Heritage Alive!" is a part of the Community Initiative INTERREG III B CADSES, and it is financially supported by the European Union.

     See the map of the countries belonging to the Community Initiative.

Gmina Sękowa Powiat gorlicki Biecz Szlak architektury drewnianej